Chapter Officers

President: Cheryl R. Williams
Vice President: Yvonne P. Wilson
Secretary: Marilyn Hairston
Financial Secretary: Tonita Davis
Treasurer: Carla Scott
Corresponding Secretary: A’Senah Taylor
Ivy Leaf Reporter: Ashley Anderson
Graduate Advisor: Dionne Franklin
Youth Advisor: Jacqueline Colvard
Youth Advisor: Donna King
Historian: Valerie Jones
Parliamentarian: Frances McGee-Cromartie
Door Keeper: Sharon Babb
Hostess: Kathy Ellis
Chaplain: Stephanie Norwood

Committee Chairmen 2018

Standing Committees

AlKaPals: Jackie Colvard, Donna King
Archives/ History: Valerie Jones
Budget & Finance: Carla Scott
Bylaws: Frances McGee-Cromartie
Connections: Frances McGee-Cromartie
Graduate Advisors Council: Dionne Franklin
Membership & Reactivation: Myra Bozeman
Nominating: Karla Harper
Programs: Yvonne Wilson
Public Relations: Ashley Anderson
Standards: Wanda Long
Technology: Danielle Williams

Special Committees

Arts Alert: Delores Robinson
Courtesy: Kathy Ellis
December Luncheon: Nancy D. White
Ebony Jewels & Gems Cotillion: Gail P. Forest, Stephanie Norwood, Geraldine Pegues
Eighth Grade Recognition: Robin Blathers
Founders’ Day: Cynthia Booker-Neilson, Cheana Hickman
Frosted Pearls: Carolyn Mack, Barbara Rosser
Hostess: Kathy Ellis
Mary Scott Nursing Center: Glendon Wilson
National Panhellenic Council: Cerelia Bizzell
Protocol: Carolyn Day
Ritual: Kathy Ellis
Scholarship: Hileria Thomas
Sisterly Relations: Regina Robinson
Strategic Planning: Gail Forest, Geraldine Pegues
Xaware: Leah Ward

Launching New Dimensions of Service Committees

Educational Enrichment: Joy Jeter-Davis, Linda Jeter
Health Promotion: Karen Townsend
Family Strengthening: Geraldine Pegues
Environmental Ownership: Hileria Thomas, Ashley Anderson, Kamesha Johnson
Global Impact: Rahel Rudd, Tanya Hopson
ASCEND: Jackie Colvard, Donna King


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